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Ref. No. PHMA/Cir-045/2018
Dated: 04
th July, 2018

To: All Members of the Association (Southern Zone & Northern Zone)



Ministry of Textile Industry Notification No.1(42-A)TID/17-RDA dated 12th December, 2017 on Duty Drawback of Taxes 2017-18 in which exporters are required to submit claim on Shipment Date basis and drawback shall be allowed for the shipments made from 1st July, 2017 to 30th June, 2018.


In case any member export consignment reached at the port / terminal and gated-in for shipment abroad but consignment does not board on ship due to container marked for examination by ANF / Customs etc. owing to which exports consignment could not be shipped till 30th June 2018 and exporters hard efforts to increase its exports by 10% for incremental DDT shall suffer.


In view of above, all those members whose Export Consignments have reached at Port / Terminal before or on 30th June 2018 and but could not be loaded on ship due consignment is marked for examination by ANF / Customs or any other reasons are advised to send details of such Export Consignments along with supporting documents to the Association by 6th July, 2018 to take up the matter with the concerned authorities for remedial measures.


Thanks & Best Regards,



Muhammad Jawed Bilwani

Chief Coordinator