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Ref. No. PHMA/Cir-076/2019

Dated: 30th November, 2019


To: All Members of the Association (Southern Zone)

Resubmission of 2018-19 Claims Under EPD CL 19 & 21/2018 Through Special Annexure


It is informed to all our valued members that SBP has issued Special Annexure for resubmission of such discrepant claims pertaining to FY2018-19 only, where BCAs cannot be updated. (Copy Attached)

Under Duty Drawback of Taxes Order 2018-21 (Textile) dated November 26, 2018, many claims became discrepant because of BCAs marked incorrectly by the ADs. In order to address this issue, the following procedure is laid down for resubmission of such discrepant claims pertaining to FY2018-19 only, where BCAs cannot be updated.

1. Only such claims where BCAs cannot be deleted may be submitted vide Special “Annexure –II-A” (in consolidated form) by HUBs as defined in aforesaid EPD Circular Letters along with attested copy of Annexure A (for each individual claim) and specific undertaking as attached.

2. The data provided in consolidated claims would be authenticated against data retrieved from WeBOC. However, contents of realization including date and value would be considered from the annexure III.

3. Such special annexures will be submitted on fortnightly basis (first or fifteen of every month and in case of holiday on these dates the claim may be submitted on next working day) through an excel file along with the regular claim, separately. Besides, the sequence of file number may be kept same along with the suffix “-Special Annexure”.

4. Cases where total amount of realization differs in BCA & Annexure III, will  be brought to the knowledge of Customs with reference to Custom Rebate claims paid/being processed by them.

5. If the AD has reported incorrect/high value in BCA, the exporter will have to refund excess amount of Customs Rebate, if any, to the Customs, before their claims are entertained. For example, if realized amount is USD 900 whereas, BCA was marked for USD 1,000 (as GD/EFE amounting USD 1,000) and claim against such BCA was lodged at customs, in that case excess claim has to be refunded by the exporter to Customs. Besides, authenticated copies of clearance certificate(s) from the Customs will be submitted for such claim(s) where BCA’s amount is marked more than 10 units in respective FCY than the actual realized amount.

All other instruction shall remain same.

Members are advised to contact their Authorized Dealers / Banks for necessary action and compliance in their own interest.

Thanks & Best Regards,


Muhammad Jawed Bilwani
Chief Coordinator, PHMA

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