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REF. NO. PHMA/CIR-080/2011

DATED: 27th May 2011




Set-up of PHMA U.S.A Office & Its Operational Activities for PHMA Members


As intimated through our earlier circular to you dated 6th January 2011, Ref # PHMA/CIR-005/2011, PHMA has set-up its Sourcing office in U.S.A since January 2011. Till recently we have been engaged in the initial process of establishment as well as Incorporation of this new Sourcing office. However, now we intend to take practical steps to fully launch this office & start its Sourcing operation. We look forward to receive suggestions and active response of the members to own this resource and fully utilize its services to serve its primary purpose of facilitating PHMA members in the marketing of their products with an aim to enhance the export of Value Added Textiles of our country. In this regard, please note the following current updates relevant to this operation for your kind review.


 ►Mr. Junaid Makda has been appointed as Managing Director for the PHMA U.S.A operation.


 ►For this Sourcing Operation, Mr. Aslam Bhatti based in U.S has been appointed as Executive Director at our PHMA U.S.A office while Mr. Tariq Sheikh ( has been appointed as Sourcing Manager in our Central PHMA office in Karachi.


 ►Website for PHMA U.S.A is registered as is currently under construction and we plan to make it operational in the shortest possible time.


PHMA U.S.A aims to provide the following services to its enrolled members sourcing through PHMA on nominal charges ranging from 3 to 5% of  order value to make it a sustainable venture:


► Act as a bridge between the buyer and seller. Liaise and Coordinate between buyer and seller and facilitate in each of the Operational steps- Order inquiry, Pricing, Order confirmation, Order follow-up, Quality assurance and Shipment. To facilitate its enrolled members in this whole process, latest video conferencing techniques will be used at both ends.


► Provide rights of direct access to its enrolled members for display to effectively show-case their representative samples in U.S.A to attract U.S buyers and to provoke buying interest and order inquiry.


► Enrolled members Sourcing through PHMA U.S.A operation will also have the privilege to use our Newyork office located at central place to hold meetings with buyers on their trip to U.S.A.


►  Serve as a medium for quick resolution and arbitration for payment issues, quality claims and mis-understanding arising between buyer and our enrolled member during the coarse of the export business taking place through PHMA U.S.A Sourcing Office.


►  Intending to also provide common warehousing facility to our enrolled members to encourage LDP goods export to U.S.A which is currently in great demand in U.S.A and most of the U.S buyers are demanding it.


► Provide filtered market intelligence relating to Textiles through monthly updates on our website and keeping our valuable members Sourcing through PHMA U.S.A informed about what the major importers, wholesalers and retail chains in U.S undergoing through. Also provide information about the latest market and fashion trends.


We now look forward to your valuable suggestions, active participation and response to make this venture a success. Members who are interested to avail this Sourcing facility are requested to come forward and send us their response as this will be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,


Junaid Ismail Makda

Managing Director PHMA U.S.A