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REF. NO. PHMA/CIR-103/2011

DATED: 26th July, 2011



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Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturer Association

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Karachi, Pakistan: With altogether 360 spinning mills, APTMA represents the Spinning Sector only while the Value Added Textile Sector represents almost 50,000 units and millions of allied units manufacturing accessories etc. for the Value Added Textile Sector. Therefore APTMA’s claim that it has prepared a vision to increase textile exports to US $25 billion as reported in “THE NEWS” of 23rd July, 2011 is grossly misleading, stated M. Jawed Bilwani, Chief Coordinator, Value Added Textile Forum.

The credit for Majority of Textile exports go the Value Added Textile Sector which employs 18 million workers while the Spinning Sector employs only 0.28 million workers, he said. Its exports are 84% as compared to exports of Spinning Sector 16% of the total Textile exports of Pakistan.

Furthermore it is due to the most revolutionary and ambitious Textile Policy which was the vision of President Asif Ali Zardari, Former Finance Minister, Mr. Shaukat Tarin and Former Textile Minister, Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan that the exports of Textiles have flourished and if the Textile Policy is properly implemented and continued, we shall IN SHA ALLAH achieve and even cross the ambitious target of US $25 billion, he said.

He further said that the Value Added Textile Sector exports would have increased considerably in the last 2 years and the ambitious target would have been achieved much earlier, but only due to acute shortage of cotton yarn faced by the Value Added Textile Sector, due to unbridled exports of our major raw material cotton yarn, our exports could not be increased further.

He emphasized that the export of vital raw material Cotton Yarn must be stopped / regulated by the government and if this is done the Value Added Textile Exports can be increased from U.S$ 13.8 billion to 15 billion.  This would also generate more employment resulting in better law and order situation. He said that all over the world export of chief raw materials required domestically as well as for value addition for exports were being regulated by even developed countries in the West as well as several under developed countries like India, China etc who are more developed than Pakistan have been regulating their essential raw materials required for domestic as well as value addition for exports which fetch huge amount of foreign exchange for the nation.  Therefore unbridled exports of Cotton Yarn must be regulated for earning more foreign exchange through value addition, he said.



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M. Jawed Bilwani

Chief Coordinator

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