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Ref. No. PHMA/Cir-007/2013

Dated: 16th January, 2013



Aamir Haider Butt, Chairman, PHMA Southern Zone is the founding member of ESPIRE, a committee which holds the representation of 5 textile Associations (PHMA, PRGMEA, APTPMA, PCMA, TMA )  a project funded by the German government working for sustainable production in the manufacturing Industry with special focus on Textiles. He is the first Focus Group Director of ESPIRE and then went on to become the President of the Steering Committee. His role has been phenomenal in the success of ESPIRE in Pakistan due to his networking skills.

PHMA being the leading and most prominent trade organization seized the opportunity and backed ESPIRE vigorously with the aim to not only create awareness for exporters but also towards conservation of energy in these times of crisis.

In view of the severe energy crises in the country, Aamir Butt as the President ESPIRE and other committee members arranged several meetings with the partnering Associations and having gone through extensive brain storming sessions came up with the idea to promote Energy conservation in the member industrial units. In the first quarter of 2011 the pilot project was launched in 10 companies.

The Energy Audits were done in several companies like Fashionwear (Pvt) Ltd, Al-Abbas Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. and Towellers Ltd. After successful implementation of the measures suggested in the Energy Audit Reports, these companies witnessed cost savings of more than 8% by reducing their wastages in electrical and thermal energy consumptions. After achieving success in the pilot project, the German Government further approved funding for the subsequent three years and the energy project was launched for all the members. Till date more than 50 companies from Punjab and Sindh have benefited from and have gone on to save millions of Rupees.

Having taken over the charge as Chairman, Southern Zone, and with his experience working as Vice-Chairman of Southern Zone 2009-10 along with his experience and aptitude, his aim is to solicit the cooperation of all our Committee Members to join him in organizing a live wire team to make vigorous efforts in tackling issues such as:

  Taking initiatives in the implementation of GSP plus through active participation in the Policy Reforms Program to maximize benefits from the European Union GSP plus Scheme and Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA II)

  Combating the severest ever shortage of Electric and Gas

  Pending DLTL Claims; Sales Tax and Custom Rebate Claims.

  Self Sustainability for the Association

  Vigorous drive for increasing members for the Association

With the consultation of Mr. Junaid Makda, Deputy Chief Coordinator have prepared a List of Sub-Committees of PHMA Southern Zone 2012-2013 which is attached for your information.

A date will be set in a weeks time for the first meeting of the  Zonal Committee of Southern Zone where the agenda is to discuss all vital matters and strategize is how to move forward.

We look forward to all our members cooperation in making some positive changes for our industry in 2013 and beyond

Best regards,


Aamir Haider Butt

Chairman PHMA SZ

Cell: 0300-8252948


Encl: List of Sub-Committees of PHMA Southern Zone 2012-2013

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